• The PaleoGamer Plays: The Amerzone – Part 1

    An unnamed journalist decides to honor a dying man’s last wish to take a stolen egg back to the mysterious country of Amerzone. He then realizes that the man was probably a James Bond villain, discovers the importance of making sure the gas tank is full, manages to wreck a shipwreck and even rescues a trapped whale for some reason. It’s a (literally) flying start to Amerzone!

  • The Paleogamer Plays: The Sacred Rings – Part 6

    In this, the final episode, Umang gets a little help from a ghost and gets access to the place where the Tetrahedrons were created, which may or may not double as a mass relay. He then gets rid of the entire Shadow Legion, which was apparently only about a dozen guys to begin with. Then he rage-quits the quest. It’s the marginally epic conclusion to The Sacred Rings!

  • The Paleogamer Plays: The Sacred Rings – Part 5

    Umang starts the final phase of his quest by sneaking into the Keeper’s Palace, only to trip and fall into the dungeon. There he makes friends with a couple of spirits, demonstrates why Keeper elevators are really dangerous and watches what happens when you cast a spell without double-checking your incantations first. It’s the beginning of the end in The Sacred Rings!

  • The Paleogamer Plays: The Sacred Rings – Part 4

    Umang continues his quest to help the inhabitants of the four worlds, and starts by declaring one of them to be dead. He then undertakes a career of grave robbing, gets really annoyed at having to solve a Tower of Hanoi puzzle and finally uses 1.21 Gigawatts to reopen the Keepers’ Portal back to their homeworld. Another step along the way to solving the mystery of the Sacred Rings!

  • The Paleogamer Plays: The Sacred Rings – Part 3

    Having reached the Keeper’s portal, only to find it burned out, Umang sets out to solve the problems of the inhabitants of the four worlds in order to acquire their help. Along the way he rides the Keeper’s favorite roller coaster, practices alchemy without a licence and meets a fairy who offers to help in exchange for his stealing a bunch of stuff. Just a typical day in the quest for The Sacred Rings!

    ((Note: Some of the audio during the “roller coaster” sequences is a bit indistinct. Sorry about that.))

  • The Paleogamer Plays: The Sacred Rings – Part 2

    Umang successfully gets the moving house to move only to crash it into a wall, to which his only possible reaction is to blow everything up. From there he goes on to the portal of the Keepers, which of course he manages to break as well. Fortunately he finds a sheer drop with no handrails so at least he feels at home. Just another day in the quest for the Sacred Rings!