• The Paleogamer Plays: The Sacred Rings – Part 1

    After having fallen off a cliffhanger at the end of Aura: Fate of the Ages, Umang finds himself in a new world where he is immediately “befriended” by someone who immediately puts him to work fixing his suspiciously mobile house, which he seems suspiciously unfamiliar with. While there, he finds out what animals think of themselves, finds the best way in or out is to climb out of a second story window, pulls a rock off the roof and wonders why the most essential piece of equipment is always the furthest away. Then the Shadow Legion shows up. An exciting start to The Sacred Rings!

  • The Paleogamer Plays: Aura: Fate of the Ages – Part 5

    In this episode of Aura: Fate of the Ages, Umang visits the two remaining worlds of Na-Tiexu. Along the way, he finally finds a world where there aren’t narrow walkways with no handrails, but everyone there is trying to kill him anyway. He also finds two orphans more interested in getting a bird to sing than figuring out how to get food, plays the drums for a bit, wades around in what may or may not be toxic waste and wonders once again why it is so difficult to just turn on the lights. Then he finally finds Grifit and announces his success in assembling the sacred rings and the tetrahedrons, only to fall off a cliffhanger. It’s the exciting conclusion to Aura: Fate of the Ages!

  • The Paleogamer Plays: Aura: Fate of the Ages – Part 4

    Once again on the trail of the Tetrahedrons, Umang travels to the world of Na-Tiexu. There he fumigates a cave while standing inside it, finds the most complicated way possible to shell a pistachio, and wonders why everyone is so eager to “help” a random person collect sacred artifacts when there’s a rebellion underway. Just another day in Aura: Fate of the Ages.