• The PaleoGamer Plays: The Longest Journey – Part 12

    April returns to Marcuria to clean up some loose ends; demonstrating to Captain Nebevay that she has restored the wind, finding navigator Tun Liac for the ship and getting herself fired from working for the map merchant. Then she has a conversation with Vestrum Tobias where he tells her she may be the next Guardian. Oh, and by the way, an army is about to invade. Good thing we’re leaving for Ailias. Too bad April is seasick. The latest episode of The Longest Journey.

  • The PaleoGamer Plays: The Longest Journey – Part 11

    April finds the castle of the mad alchemist Rupert Klacks and gains entry via strategic use of hand lotion. She then negotiates a maze, discovers other uses for mathematics, teaches herself alchemy, reveals that classic Star Trek is still popular in the 23rd century and, oh yes, restores the wind with a bit of help from Crow. Yet one more step on The Longest Journey.

  • The PaleoGamer Plays: The Precursors – Part 1 (again)

    The worst FPS player in the world takes on the game The Precursors. Watch Treece Crichton crash his starship, get his space marine colleagues killed by acid-spitting plants, make friends with the Empire by killing bugs then no longer be friends after playing tag with a rocket launcher, run from a giant robot then find out he’s in the Matrix and he’s the One. Or something. Welcome to The Precursors!

  • The PaleoGamer Plays: The Longest Journey – Part 10

    April heads deeper into the forests north of Marcuria, makes contact with the Bandu and falls into a trap so obvious even Admiral Ackbar is facepalming. She also discusses eating birds with a talking bird, has an argument with herself and, oh yeah, finds the first part of the Guardian’s disc. Another day on The Longest Journey.

  • The PaleoGamer Plays: The Longest Journey – Part 9

    Having found out all she can in Marcuria, April sets out to find a way to get to the island of Ailias. But to do so she has to convince Captain Nebevay to allow a woman on his ship, find a replacement navigator and somehow restore the wind, which has been captured by the improbably-named alchemist Rupert Klacks. So naturally she decides to take a walk in the woods instead. At least she has a companion now, the talking crow named Crow. Another step along the way of The Longest Journey.