• The PaleoGamer Plays: The Longest Journey – Part 2

    Waking from her nightmare, April Ryan finds out that the real world has its own share of problems. She deals with an obnoxious neighbor, finds a gold ring that has nothing to do with Mount Doom and then talks to a creepy old guy who seems to know way too much about her. And who wants her to meet him in a children’s museum. And that’s before the weird creature jumps out of the jukebox. Good thing she has clean genes for the subway. It’s the loquacious first chapter of The Longest Journey!

  • The PaleoGamer Plays: The Longest Journey – Part 1

    Art student April Ryan wakes up to find herself in a postcard perfect wilderness and having to deal with a grumpy tree (that totally isn’t an Ent), a matronly dragon and a roiling chaos cloud. Then things get weird. It’s the first step on The Longest Journey!

  • The PaleoGamer Plays: Dark Fall: The Journal – Part 4

    Our Nameless Protagonist finishes exploring the first and ground floors of the Station Hotel, then checks out the basement and the ancient ruins beneath the basement (because of course there are ancient ruins beneath the basement). Along the way they check out the bar, solve the mystery of the Slyfox, pass a series of ancient trials and then forget that anything ever happened. Oh yeah, they also banish the Dark Fall and save the world. It’s the conclusion of Dark Fall: The Journal!

  • The PaleoGamer Plays: Dark Fall: The Journal – Part 2

    Unnamed Protagonist makes their way to the upper floors of the Station Hotel, because why poke around in the basement of the haunted hotel when you can start in the attic? While there, they find a daughter who thinks her mother plays the music too loud, gets to decipher secret messages in an art studio and then finds a journal that points out the obvious; releasing supernatural entities that were imprisoned underground by ancient peoples never works out well. Even if they did promise to bring your dead friend back to life. Time to start trying to banish the Dark Fall.

  • The PaleoGamer Plays: Dark Fall: The Journal – Part 3

    Our Unnamed Protagonist explores the second floor of the Station Hotel, where they find out that Ghost Hunters get all the best toys but have really bad taste in takeout. They also get to discover a new constellation and find an extremely talkative ghost, who was apparently even more annoying in life. Just another step in the quest to defeat the Dark Fall.

  • The PaleoGamer Plays: Dark Fall: The Journal – Part 1

    After receiving a mysterious phone call from their brother, Unnamed Protagonist finds themselves sleeping in a train tunnel somewhere near a haunted hotel and getting instructions from a dead child. Then things get spooky. It’s time to explore the mysteries of the Station Hotel and find out what happened to all of the people who disappeared there in this first episode of Dark Fall: The Journal

  • The PaleoGamer Plays: The Amerzone – Part 3

    Having reached the Amerzonian village, the unnamed journalist prepares the egg with the help of a woman who may or may not be there. He then rides an aquatic giraffe and goes hang gliding, but only after DESTROYING THE HYDROFLOT! Then a dictator has a conveniently-timed heart attack. Will the White Birds be saved? Find out in this conclusion to Amerzone: The Explorer’s Legacy!

  • The PaleoGamer Plays: The Amerzone – Part 2

    Our unnammed journalist arrives in the Amerzone only to be thrown into the world’s least secure jail, from which he escapes with the use of carbonated tequila. He then loses half the hydroflot, gets a moose to tow it for a while, gets some bees to chase away some dinosaurs and finally arrives in the native village from which Valembois stole the white egg. It’s the latest step in our expedition to the Amerzone!