• The Paleogamer Plays: Precursors – Parts 9 & 10

    Treece heads out into the jungle in search of the dangerous beast he must slay in order to prove his worth to the Keeper of the Nest, even though he can’t remember what she is called. Along the way he explains why he is using a useless weapon, slaughters a large number of jungle critters and somehow winds up with an alien weapon that shoots spiders. Obviously, another session of Precursors!

    Treece heads back out into the jungle to perform a mixture of theft and assassinations. Along the way he stops by the gonzo pens to try to meet a hunter named Thompson, speculates on the advantages of a personal soundtrack, having a weapon with infinite ammo and why a jungle where everything is trying to kill him is annoying. Then he meets the exiled Elder and realizes that all Empires seem to have a thing about blowing up planets. Another exciting session of Precursors!