• The PaleoGamer Plays: The Longest Journey – Part 5

    April begins her quest to save the worlds by enduring a carpet F-bombing by Zach. She then travels to the bad part of town and we rethink our views on the relative merits of Arcadia and Stark. The game is then interrupted by a news report and a game-breaking bug but April finds that the real challenge to getting into the police station is bureaucracy, which is apparently what they mean by “The Longest Journey”.

  • The PaleoGamer Plays: 1953: KGB Unleashed – Part 3

    Nikolyev sets out to do some ghost hunting, because burial chambers hidden below the basement of secret underground bunkers never have anything bad in them. And it turns out that recordings of ghosts can cause sleepiness, murder and subways. It’s the conclusion of 1953: KGB Unleashed

  • The PaleoGamer Plays: The Longest Journey – Part 4

    After finding herself in another world, April Ryan receives multiple visits from the exposition fairy and comes to realize the dangers facing the twin worlds of Arcadia and Stark. Now she just needs to get home. To do that she plays a flute to distract a god, gets a job as a delivery girl and finds her way to the home of the “Rolling Man”. Then she has to save the world. But only after her date with… Zack?

  • The PaleoGamer Plays: 1953: KGB Unleashed – Part 2

    Electrical technician Gleb Nikolyev has found his way to the lower level of the underground bunker, only to get poisoned. Getting the cure involves flipping a lot of switches then injecting himself with random chemicals lying out in the open. Then he goes ghost hunting. It’s the second part of 1953: KGB Unleashed.

  • The PaleoGamer Plays: The Longest Journey – Part 3

    April Ryan suddenly remembers she’s an adventure game protagonist and sets out to solve a series of puzzles involving deflated rubber duckies, poisoned candy and toy monkeys. I mean apes. Then she finds herself in another universe. The plot is starting to come together in The Longest Journey!

  • The PaleoGamer Plays: 1953: KGB Unleashed – Part 1

    In a bunker far below Moscow, a worker wakes up with no memory of how he got there and apparently vodka was not involved. In order to leave he uses everything at his disposal: blow torches, power saws and radios. Then the voices start. It’s the opening to 1953: KGB Unleashed.