• The Paleogamer Plays: Precursors – Parts 5 & 6

    Part 5

    Still on the planet Goldin, Treece Crichton demonstrates why he is a pilot and not a commando during a raid on the bandit’s base. He also continues his grand theft buggy streak, wonders how everyone keeps shooting at him without having any weapons, has an inordinate number of grenades thrown at him and finds out that it is apparently all Bush’s fault. Just another day in Precursors.

    Part 6

    Having successfully defeated the bandit raiders, Treece’s next challenge is to track down the source of the psychotropic drug Dust. Along the way, he steals all the cola from a junkie’s house, collects vodka bottles from the dumpster, talks a smuggler into killing himself and speculates on the written language of the Amarn. He also gets a sniper rifle, visits the Pyramid temple and, oh yeah, finally gets his ship fixed! Finally. Another typical session of Precursors!