• The PaleoGamer Plays: Syberia – Part 7

    Kate winds the train only to have it move about 20 feet. Oscar says she needs an exit visa, but the officer in charge is concerned about a Cossack horseman. Meanwhile, Kate’s best friend is seeming to be a bit too concerned about her fiancee’s state of mind. The latest obstacle on the road to Syberia!

  • The PaleoGamer Plays: Syberia – Part 6

    Kate has managed to get the train to the winding station, so naturally she takes a break to attend a lecture on the Youkol people. She then listens to a 60 year old recording, winds up the train and has a messy phone call with her fiancee. Then the train moves 20 feet. Well, that much closer to Syberia!

  • The PaleoGamer Plays: Syberia – Part 5

    Kate spends an inordinate amount of time trying to get hold of some Forest Sauvignon grapes, only to give them to some birds. She then repairs the bandstand by the simple expedient of turning it on and finally gets a barge to tow the train to a winding station. Only to have Professor Pons call her to come to a lecture. Another stop on the road to Syberia.

  • The PaleoGamer Plays: Syberia – Part 4

    Kate catches the clockwork train to Syberia, only to have it run down in the run-down university town of Barrockstadt. Oscar is no help so Kate has to deal with the problem on her own and we find out that Kate has the world’s worst expense account, thinks nothing of stealing books from libraries and has an unhealthy fascination with grapes. And there is something to do with Hans Voralberg. Another stop on the journey to Syberia!

  • The PaleoGamer Plays: Syberia – Part 3

    Having completed the automaton engineer Oscar, Kate Walker now needs to figure out his bizarre list of bureaucratic requirements in order to get the train to leave. Then there is just one more annoying call from her fiance before setting off for Syberia.

  • The PaleoGamer Plays: Syberia – Part 2

    Kate Walker continues her search for Hans Voralberg, a task that somehow involves breaking into a church and robbing a grave. Then she manages to start an automated factory for the express purpose of creating a pair of wooden feet for an automaton engineer. The train kind, not the technology kind. Just a normal occurrence in Syberia.

  • The PaleoGamer Plays: Syberia – Part 1

    Attorney Kate Walker arrives in the town of Valadilène in the French Alps to finalize the purchase of the Voralberg toy factory for her client, only to find that the owner has died and that the owner’s younger brother, believed dead, is alive and living in Siberia and looking for mammoths. Needing to find the brother, Kate starts her journey by exploring a prehistoric cave, breaking into someone’s house and complaining about the mud while responding to phone calls from her fiancee and her best friend back in New York. It’s the first episode of Syberia!